RCKT CO are passionate creative storytellers. We are a content production, sports marketing, talent management & social media agency in Sydney, Melbourne & London. We help our clients reach the right audience in a strategic, relevant & effective way. We deliver scroll-stopping creative work that starts conversations and creates authentic engagement. RCKT Co is a full-journey agency that prides itself on creating and executing campaigns from strategy & ideation through to production & execution, post production, distribution & reporting.

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We assist brands seeking out a new property to sponsor, or looking for a campaign to leverage your current sponsorship portfolio, we are here to help!

We are founded upon the desire to assist brands effectively communicate with their target audience. Whether it is brand awareness, brand education or engagement your brand is after, RCKT will help you strategically develop creative campaigns to deliver upon your objective.

We keep the consumer and fan at the heart of everything we design, and aim to create campaigns that target their passion points that trigger an emotion. We understand fans, we are fans and we know how to tap into their passion.


No Matter What

the Channel

RCKT are a full service video and stills content business with a truly in house production team for our clients.

We take projects from conceptualisation, strategy & ideation through to complete production, editing and finally distribution, reporting and archiving.

Our experienced and agile content team pushes the creative boundaries in everything we create. From social media, branded content and TVC’s to long form projects including documentary, and TV series.

RCKT Co are experts in providing our clients a diverse set of assets to suit multiple platforms and audiences.

Use the Power

of Talent to

Cut Through

& Connect

RCKT believe in the power of talent to help communicate a brand or campaign story. 

RCKT manage on a full time basis reputable talent but also work with brands to identify the right ambassadors to represent your business.

Talent have become ‘channels’ with an engaged fan base which brands can look to leverage effectively with authecity.

The Power

of Conversation

RCKT have a dedicated Social Media team that assists brands communicate to their ‘owned’ audience and beyond.

The power of being able to connect directly to your customer and fan base is a constantly changing environment.

RCKT helps brands develop strategies to authentically engage.